• Swim for charity!

If you are going to swim the Copa MARNATON eDreams by VW California 2017, do it for a good cause and help other people get a better life.

  • - Refugees sea rescue thanks to Proactiva Open Arms

  • - Rehabilitation of people with addiction problems through sport thanks to Sport2live

  • - Cancer research thanks to Fundació Fero

  • - Sports programs for young people at risk of exclusion thanks to Superacció

  • - Protection of the marine environment and the species that inhabit through local actions thanks to CRAM Foundation.

Dedicate your effort, your trainings and your day-to-day fight to the cause that motivates you the most and then, share it to your family, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues so they can as well collaborate. It is very easy, as you just have to create your solidarity challenge in migranodearena.org and share it:

1) Create your solidarity challenge: choose the MARNATON 2017 as an event, pick 1 of the 4 NGO that you would like to support, upload a picture, write a message telling your sports-solidarity challenge and inspiring people to support you and decide fundraising goal. The challenge can be individual or in group.

2) Share your solidarity challenge: your goal is to get as many donations as possible in order to achieve your fundraising objective. Send your challenge link via email, Whatsapp and share it through social media to friends, family and work colleagues.

Every little step counts!

What do you get from being a charity swimmer?

Double challenge: sports and solidarity.

Double motivation, now that you are practicing sport for a good cause.

Make the difference. Your leadership will improve many people's life.

• Major personal satisfaction.

Alternative way to collaborate with a cause. You will represent that cause.

• For companies, it is a good way to do team building.

• The opportunity of taking part at the solidarity podium. The three most solidarity swimmers or group of swimmers will have a prize!

Charity podium

The charity podium will close on the 14th of September at 12am. The 3 swimmers or group of swimmers that have raised the most funds by this time will go up the charity podium on the same day of the race and will be entitled a kit given by the sponsors and will be invited to the podium as #SolidaritySwimmers. The podium will take place during the awards ceremony on the Cadaqués race (16/09/2017).

Some examples of solidarity swimmers from last year:

Create your solidarity challenge:


Contact - migranodearena.org

If you have any questions or inquiries, you can contact us here:

• Telephone number: 93 205 21 91

• E-mail: info@migranodearena.org


Marnaton, en su apuesta por las pruebas Kids este año celebra en cada travesía una Marnaton KIDS. De este modo el 7 de mayo los más pequeños tendrán la oportunidad de nadar en Barcelona, el 12 de junio en Begur, el 2 de julio en Sant Feliu de Guíxols y el 17 de septiembre en Cadaqués.

Animamos a todos los niños y niñas a divertirse y aprender a disfrutar del mar participando en las pruebas KIDS, donde ellos serán los protagonistas.