• eDreams

    eDreams is the leading online travel agency in Europe and the sponsor of the successful events organised by Marnaton. Discover the biggest and best selection of flights and hotels through our innovative search engines. Over 14 million customers have already booked their hotel stays, flights and package holidays with us. What are you waiting for?

  • Club Natació Barcelona

    A sports club which is a partner of Marnaton and where many of our friends do their training. Information about Barcelona's biggest club and its sporting activities, situated in an exceptional seafront location.

  • I-natación

    To obtain information about styles of swimming techniques, in all of their forms, and how to improve them with exercises and specific training.

  • Todonatación

    Highly recommended if you need more information about any aspect of this sport; competitions, learning to swim and improving your swimming or recreational leisure It has a swimming forum.

  • Catalan Swimming Federation

    This contains official information, schedules for events and rules and information about sports clubs in Catalonia, where you can take part in the following sports associated with swimming: swimming, water polo, diving, synchronised swimming and masters.

  • Royal Spanish Swimming Federation

    To find all of the official information you could possibly need about swimming Technical Bodies in Spain, such as: The National Coaching School or the National Referees' Committee… Clubs, Regional Federations, Rules, etc.

  • Swiminfo

    Extremely useful for anyone who is preparing for a crossing because it contains training databases for different levels, some of which are specifically for open water swimming.

  • SwimPower

    With information about swimming training, with an emphasis on the techniques for the various forms and styles.

  • Atlas Magazine

    A website with lots of information about training programmes. Swim.xls: The pace every 25m for different times over 1,500m. Swimming workouts: Word file with swimming workouts for taking part in crossings and long-distance triathlons. Technical training: an article which teaches you how to reduce turbulence. Tips for "Australian" training, etc.

  • Notinat

    A blog devoted to publishing news and comments about swimming (world championship, Olympic Games...)

  • Sportvicious.com

    If you like sport, if you're sports mad, this is the place to have a good time. SPORTVICIOUS.COM was launched in Barcelona on 1st October 2010. Why? Because we're hooked, all day long talking about the same thing, training, racking up kilometres, swimming, on our bikes, thinking about our next goal… Getting more and more hooked by the day!

  • Calendario de travesias

    This website publishes the schedule of swimming crossings in Spain throughout the year, in chronological order. All of the events are listed with important information such as the location, price and organiser, as well as the distance and difficulty level of the event.

  • josefajram.es

    A radical blog by Josef, where you'll find all of the information and basically the "diary" of a sportsman whose philosophy is PUSH YOURSELF HARDER! This has led to him overcoming "very high-level" challenges such as Sables, IronMans and Ultraman. Don't miss it!

  • Cadaquesradical

    "Cadaqués Radical" Blog, a must-visit which is highly recommended for our friends from Cadaqués. It tells us about the adventures of Albert, Eric and other training pals like Alejandro (the "little bull") or Miguel.

  • Acneg – Gibraltar Strait Swimming Crossing Association

    The recommended website for any information about the legendary Gibraltar Strait swimming crossing event. Two noteworthy features:

    1) the historical record of all of the swimmers, for posterity (I happened to find a friend of my father-in-law on the list, who swam across it in the 50's!).

    2) the record distinguishes between those who have crossed with neoprene wetsuits and those without, and highlights the double crossings and David Meca's triple crossing.

  • Madform

    The website of the brand MADFORM, which is well-known by professional physiotherapists and athletes alike for its products and creams which are used for massages and therapeutic treatments. For anyone who wants to look after their health as well as training, thus complementing their sporting sessions.

  • Riumar

    Riumar is a store which specialises in kayaks, with many years of experience. Located in Cunit, there is a swimming pool in the actual store, which makes it possible to test the kayaks before you buy them. Extensive experience in providing courses, outings and general advice. The Rainbow range of kayaks and the selection of used kayaks are particularly outstanding.

  • Club Vulcano

    Vulcano is the leading Triathlon Club in the Canary Islands which organises the now-legendary Bocaina Strait crossing event between Lanzarote (Playa Blanca) and Fuerteventura (Corralejo). This is a 14km crossing, which is completed in 3 different groups, according to the level of the swimmer, until the final 3km, when you can leave the group. It has now been held thirteen times, and was last held on Saturday, 13th October 2012.

  • Esther Núnez's personal website

    Web personal de la Subcampiona del Món de Natació de Llarga Distància Esther Núñez en la qual trobaràs el seu palmarés, vida personal i galeria de fotos. Aquesta nedadora del CN Sabadell és ja una assídua de la prova Marnaton.

  • Hidrozoo

    A website created by Jose Luis Larrosa. It contains information about crossings and relevant websites. Non-official schedule of crossings and the websites of clubs and federations which organise crossings in Spain.

  • Sailfish Berga

    Marnaton is a sponsor of the Sailfish Half Triathlon Berga 2012

  • hOlistk

    A health centre staffed by a team of physiotherapists, osteopaths and personal trainers with degrees in physical activity and health sciences, whose working methods are based on shifting patient treatment from the stretcher to physical activity.

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