It is a very special challenge, since the participants will not know which are the stages chosen until the day of the briefing. The decision will be made based on the weather report. In the Racebook you can see in detail the possible stages.

All of them are of extreme beauty, and some also of extreme hardness. The magic of uncertainty will give the event a special halo. But we also know that the participants must come prepared to face a possible 17km stage.

It is clear that, depending on the type of registration chosen, the hardness is multiplied. Thus the participants who go as a couple, if they share equally their relays will end up swimming half the stage and paddling the other half. But in the case of the swimmer who chooses to do it individually, he must face the entire distance, only being guarded at all times by a kayak.

We hope that this adventure seems as exciting as it is to us.


Marnaton, en su apuesta por las pruebas Kids celebra en cada travesía una MARNATON KIDS. De este modo el 6 de mayo los más pequeños tendrán la oportunidad de nadar en Barcelona, el 11 de junio en Begur, el 1 de julio en Sant Feliu de Guíxols y el 16 de septiembre en Cadaqués.

Animamos a todos los niños y niñas a divertirse y aprender a disfrutar del mar participando en las pruebas KIDS, donde ellos serán los protagonistas.